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Friday, July 6, 2012

Store and Query Spatial Data in Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Store Data

Spatial data is stored by using Geometry and Geography data types that are introduced in Microsoft SQL Server 2008Geometry data type can be created as follows :

( id int IDENTITY (1,1),
GeomCol1 geometry,
GeomCol2 AS GeomCol1.STAsText() );

The data into the geometry data column is persisted by using the following INSERT command

INSERT INTO SpatialTable (GeomCol1)
VALUES (geometry::STGeomFromText('LINESTRING (100 100, 20 180, 180 180)', 0));

Query Data

The data in the geometry data columns is queried by using the following Commands.

DECLARE and SELECT statements:
DECLARE @geom1 geometry;
DECLARE @geom2 geometry;
DECLARE @result geometry;
SELECT @geom1 = GeomCol1 FROM SpatialTable WHERE id = 1;
SELECT @geom2 = GeomCol1 FROM SpatialTable WHERE id = 2;
SELECT @result = @geom1.STIntersection(@geom2);
SELECT @result.STAsText();

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