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Saturday, November 24, 2012

How to Create ASMX web Service in ASP.NET 4.0

Asmx Web Services are easy and simple to Create and use. This tutorial guides you how to write a ASMX Web Service step by step. 
  • Open Visual studio and create new Website. 
  • Right Click on Website and Click on 'Add New Item'. asmx web service
  • A New Window will Open, select 'Web Service' , name it and click 'Add'. asmx webservice
  • When you click 'Add' Button, new files ( with .asmx and .cs extensions ) will be added to Project.
  • Visual Studio will add some code in it.
  • A default Web Method named 'Helloworld' will also be added in it. asmx Web Service
  • You have created ASMX Web Service Successfully.
  • Replace 'Helloworld' Web Method with following code.
  • This is Custom Web Method we created for our ASMX Web Service.

In next tutorial, we will learn how to use this Web Service.

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