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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Java Script Tutorial 19 : JavaScript Special Characters

In JavaScript, Special characters can be added to a text string by using the backslash sign. For example we want to display following text in JavaScript code. 

var txt="This "This is a "big" Apple.";

In JavaScript, a string is started and stopped with either single or double quotes. This means that the string above will be chopped to: 

This is a  

We must place a backslash (\) before each double quote in "big" to solve this problem. This result string will look like this :

var txt="This "This is a \"big\" Apple.";

After executing in browser, it will display string as : 

This is a "big" Apple. 

There are many other special characters that can be added to a text string with the backslash sign, these are :

\'          (  single quote  )
\"         (  double quote  )
\\          (  backslash  )
\n         (  new line  )
\r          (  carriage return  )
\t          (  tab  )
\b         (  backspace)
\f          (  form feed  )

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